5th Grade Native American Research Project

This is a pathfinder to help you find information about Native Americans.

Getting Started

1. Make a page where you can save the links and information you find (Microsoft-File-New) 2. Type a title on the page (Native American Research) 3. Save the page (Save-Choose the drive with your name in the "Save In" box- Name it "Native American Research"- Save) 4. Now you can highlight, copy, and paste things that you want to keep (websites, links, sources, citation information) 5. Minimize the document and you are ready to research!

Grant Wood AEA Online Resources

Username: 1053clev
Password: aea10

Britannica Online

- Search for name of tribe


- States Edition
- Select the state
- Select Native America (under "The People" on the left side of the screen)


- Select Searchasaurus
Searchasaurus icon
Searchasaurus icon

- Search for name of tribe


- American Indians
- Choose: Apache, Comanche, Inuit, Iroquois, Pueblo, or Sioux


Using NoodleTools, create a bibliography of all the resources that you used during your research on this site.